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What is SEO and Do I Need It?

It seems that certain internet marketing companies talk a big talk, throwing words around like “SEO, CTR, Top Page Placement”, but does it make your company grow? Understandably, companies can be hesitant when it comes to online marketing programs, especially when large amounts of money are at stake. Here we will talk about what SEO […]

Social Media Major Players

Major Players Leading social media platforms Facebook | The world's biggest social media platform with about 1.49 billion active users Twitter | A real-time social network that allows users to share 140-character updates LinkedIn | A business-oriented social networking site with over 380 million members Pinterest | A photo sharing social network based on virtual [...]

Videos for your website

Since Google owns YouTube, it is important for any business to start using video content and get it out on the web. The algorithm that Google’s search engine uses gets a lot of attention in websites that include video. Having videos on your site will up its quality and boost your page rank. Web video […]