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Video Service Corporate and Events

Video Service Corporate and Events

Corporate Videos: High Definition corporate videos with high production values and innovative visual solutions, whether you prefer business videos and corporate training videos.

Animated Videos: Hand scribe videos to help those hard to explain products and services.  Captivating to watch all the way through getting your point across in a fun and entertaining method.

From sales training to product demonstrations, charity events and corporate biographies and resumes, video is by far the medium that creates the biggest impact and most lasting impression. Looking for a video solutions in video email, boardroom meetings and Live Web shows?  Maybe just a commercial right on the first page of your website!


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What is an Explainer?

An explainer is a person or organization that specializes in making complex ideas easy to understand. Often this work is accomplished with short, animated educational videos.

How would I use an explainer video?

Most people use video explanations on websites and video sharing sites like YouTube.  These videos are often aimed at introducing a product or service to the world in a fun, interesting and understandable way. Imagine a video on your home page that helps visitors “get” what you do. Video explanations are also used for presentations, training and classrooms.

How long does it take to make an explainer video?

Explainer videos may look simple, but require significant time and effort to be effective.  Producers of explainer videos take the time to understand your goals and find creative ways to explain your product or service. Projects often take 3-8 weeks to complete, but each project is evaluated independently.

How much do explainer videos cost?

Prices for explainer videos vary and depend on a number of factors such as length and format. Contact us for a FREE quote on your project.

Sales training manuals are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Our clients tell us when they use real employees for sales training, test scores are more than three times higher in terms of memorability and understanding. Our clients even use our training videos on their company intranet sites so employees can refresh often.

Top 5 reasons why and how businesses use animation

Why businesses use animation?

It’s simple. If you’re serious about increasing your businesses’ online presence, you have to be marketing great content; content that engages, resonates and compels your target audience to take positive action or share with others.

Over the last twelve months we’ve seen a 40% increase in businesses using animation. This is hardly surprising; forward thinking organizations have been marketing digital content for many years. However, this recent rise in animation production (and sharing) is being driven by those seeking to capitalize on the medium’s expressive nature, its ability to communicate a brand’s spirit, and most importantly, deliver content in a format that can surpass perception or reality.

Why animation? Using animation will help you:

  1. Grab attention
  2. Keep audiences engaged
  3. Communicate quickly and concisely
  4. Gain understanding
  5. Make a lasting impression

The word ‘animation’ is often associated with cartoons or children’s films; however it is now firmly established in the world of Digital Marketing. The term can encompass a range of technical approaches, but by its nature, is usually delivered in either 2D (flat environment) or 3D (three dimensional). Which approach is most suitable will usually be dictated by the message it is communicating, and the project objective.

Having produced well in excess of one hundred animations, across a range of sectors, we’re now clearly able to define how businesses are using animation to better engage with their target audiences online:

1. Animated Ads

Whether online or TV, ‘animated ads’ are more popular than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social networks have built functionality to make sharing fifteen and thirty seconds of content a breeze. The big brands jumped on this band wagon some time ago, but the relative cost effectiveness of animation now enables any business to share visually captivating content, easily (and repeatedly).

2. Character Animation

Sometimes a brand, business or organisation, isn’t always best suited to ‘traditional video,’ this may be because their clients or products are commercially sensitive, premises aren’t suitable, or perhaps the service doesn’t lend itself to being captured on camera. Regardless of how large your business may be, ‘character animation’ can propel your brand to new levels. Create the right message and you story could go viral.

3. Animated Infographics

Time to rip up the book and replace the slide-show…! The use of animated infographics for sharing complex, statistical or process driven content is huge. Created in a style to suit your brand, content can be supported by narrative or delivered purely as graphics. Recognizing animation’s innate ability to engage audiences, marketers and training departments are now requesting longer, chapter based content to replace traditional paper based information. Long or short, funny or serious, animated infographics transform internal or external communications.

4. 2D Animation

Most animation or ‘motion graphics’ are they are sometimes referred to, are composited using 2D technology. 2D is a versatile technique that can either be subtly integrated into a ‘traditional video,’ or developed in isolation; created as an independent message. The uses for 2D animation are vast and its purpose knows no boundaries. Whether a short advert for social media or an animated backdrop for your green screen training message, 2D animation creates invigorating content.

5. 3D Animation

We’re not talking Toy Story here, but the techniques are much the same. 3D animation is now accessible to all businesses, regardless of how deep your pockets. Whilst the use of 3D has traditionally been associated with architectural projects, software now allows for a much wider and varied use. Developed from scratch or using existing assets, 3D animation is perfect for product demos, training, process or explaining a service.

Final thoughts

So whether you’re looking to sell, tell, explain or train, putting animation at the heart of your Video Marketing strategy can produce dramatic results. As always, substance must come before style. By ensuring your message is clear and your objective well defined, before briefing your content creator, will guarantee your Animation hits the spot, rather than becoming a flop.

Most products and services are easier to understand through actions not words. One of our clients is a veteranerian specializing in laser surgery to improve recovery time and pain management.

Put your sponsors and donors in the middle of the event with fundraiser event videos. Annual events or one time events.  What better way to show the participation and excitement that a well edited video commemorating these events.