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Videos for your website

Since Google owns YouTube, it is important for any business to start using video content and get it out on the web. The algorithm that Google’s search engine uses gets a lot of attention in websites that include video. Having videos on your site will up its quality and boost your page rank.
Web video is growing in popularity there is no doubt about this.
Here are 10 recent web video statistics as evidence:

(Comscore) Most people surf the web they go from site to site trying to decide on what to buy. A video will keep them browsing your site for two minutes longer, longer time on site usually means they are more interested in your company and are more likely to buy.

(Comscore) An investment in a web video will give you more paying customers. There’s nothing more to say really. Basically, web video makes people want to buy more

(L2 Specialty Retail Report) If you are wanting to sign-up a customer to your site or service, web video is the way to go. Imagine, a third more people enquiring with your business.

Citing a 9x increase in retail video views at the start of the 2011 winter holiday season. (MediaPost) Video can demonstrate your products, show their advantages and engage you audience much more quickly than text.

that video would soon be 90% of Internet traffic. (Forbes) This includes both social and corporate web video. So, if you don’t implement video on your website you could be missing out on this huge predicted search growth.

(Google Blog) Your potential client base no longer just consists of people using a desktop computer. People have the ability to and want to access your site and view your web video wherever and whenever they can. So make sure you video is mobile ready!

than any other site initiatives in an Adobe survey of almost 2,000 interactive marketers. (Adobe) Here’s the proof, video works. Thousands of marketers are already using it on their websites are you?

(Internet Retailer) And why wouldn’t they. Customers don’t want to read any more they want you to tell them what’s on offer.

(Forbes) You may be one of these. Well, if web video is good enough for your customers

(Implix Email Marketing Trends Survey) Again, it comes down to the fact that most people would rather watch a video than read an article. And it’s much more visually appealing to click a click with a graphic in an email than just a text link.

What do these statistics prove? That web video is the future and that those companies that do not embrace it are at risk of being left behind. Consider the fact that pretty soon 90% of all internet traffic will be for web video will people really bother with your website if you don’t have one? And we’ve not even considered the additional SEO that a well implemented web video will bring to your website. Web video is the business card of the 21st century. It has become the only way to tell people who you are and what your about.
Social media makes video content even easier to share and “go viral.” You don’t want your business to be left behind, so make sure that you are including videos as a part of your marketing strategy.
YouTube is the leader in video sharing and it makes it so easy to embed your link on your website. This shortens the download time so that customers who visit your site can view your content faster. To get the most out of YouTube and your video content, here are some tips you need to follow:

Keep the Camera Rolling 

If you see an opportunity to create a new video, take it! Make a video  tutorial. Spotlight each of your products or services in separate videos. Make a  compilation of taped customer testimonials. Make announcements for upcoming  events or new products. Make a video that gives a complete overview of your  company and employees. Let customers see your goofy side with a  behind-the-scenes glimpse of your operation.

Production Value Matters

How much you choose to spend on producing your videos depends on the level of quality you want. You don’t have to sink a lot of money into an extravagant video. The important thing is to get your message out there. The sound quality of your video is extremely important, so you will want to invest in a good microphone.

What You Say Matters

Just like the written content on your website, what you say in your videos is very important. You don’t just want viewers. You want to attract new customers. Include your keywords in your video description and tags. It is also a good idea to have a keyword in your title. These will make it easier for people to find your videos outside of your social media and website.

Be Involved in the YouTube Community

Find videos that relate to your business and leave comments. Include links to your own website in your comments. Share other people’s videos on your social networking sites. Set up your own YouTube channel. Whenever you make a new video, upload it onto your personal channel. When you have subscribers to your channel, you get to send out emails to them. Include the link to your website in your video description. Link your videos to your social networks too.

Incorporate Brand Recognition

Your business has its own tone of voice so make sure that is reflected in your videos. If your company is casual and fun, make sure your videos are too. Be sure to have your company logo displayed at the start or finish of your videos. Use your brand colors whenever you can. Give viewers a call to action at the end of your videos by inviting them to give you a call or visit your website. Building awareness and recognition of your brand is important in broadening your customer base.

YouTube has thousands of video uploads each day and even more daily viewers. Your business needs to utilize this platform to help further your marketing efforts.

Are you using YouTube as part of your social marketing plan? What types of videos could you be creating for your company? Share with us!

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